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10 Mix and Match Mid-Century Plates.

10 Mix and Match Mid-Century Plates.

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This is an amazing stack of 10 mixed, French, mid-century plates, in ten different recipe designs, a "ready-to-display" set for your china hutch/ retro dresser.
The perfect mix and match plate collection, they are ideal for decorating kitchen walls or for celebrations/ weddings/ 1960s/1970s dinner parties.
This is a "one of a kind" plate collection, colorful plates, rare and collectible.
All these plates are French, dating from the 1960's, to the 1980's.

Altogether they weigh 4.5kgs/ 10 lbs!

The stack is made up of:

Two "Salad" starter/entrée/antipasti/hors-d’œuvres plates with recipes for "Pissenlits au Lard" (Salad of Dandelion Leaves and Lardons) and "Laitue aux Oeufs Dur" (Salad of Lettuce and Hard-Boiled Eggs.) The illustrations are beautifully detailed, showing the individual ingredients of each dish. They measure 20cms/ 7¾" diameter.

Three large "Omelette" dishes, measuring 24cms/ 9½" diameter. There is "Omelette aux Pommes de Terre", "Omelette aux Croutons" and "Omelette aux Crabes". They have the most detailed illustrations of the omelettes and all the ingredients to make each one. The colors are vibrant and striking. Gorgeous details, such as a "cracked" eggs and a pepper grinder, knives, potatoes, eggs, onions and lardons.

Three large "Limoges" porcelain dinner plates with three recipes for classic "Brochettes" (Barbecue Skewers), measuring 26cms / 10¼" diameter. Each image shows the completed skewers surrounded by the ingredients for the recipes. The designs are: "Agneau au Cresson" (Lamb with Watercress) design. This is a popular skewer with cubes of marinated lamb, mushrooms and tomatoes served with watercress. "Boudins aux Pommes" (Sausage with Apples). This is another hugely popular French dish of Black Sausages, apples, garlic and onions.
"Foie de Volailles" (Poultry Livers), made with slices of smoked bacon, mild chilli powder and mango chutney.

Two "Clafoutis" dessert plates with recipes for "Clafoutis aux Prune's (Plums), & "Clafoutis aux Raisins" (Grapes.)
They are beautifully illustrated with a slice of each clafoutis surrounded by the fruit from which each one is made. Colourful and bright they have a lovely, traditional home baking, "country kitchen in Summer" feel. Each plate has a delicately 'fluted' edge and measures 19cms/ 7½" diameter and the "Frelon 36 Villedieu Porcelaine" mark on the undersides.

All of these plate are in excellent vintage condition, with no chips or cracks. Voilà!......….........

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