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Chestnut Roasting Pan. Deep-Sided Chestnut Roaster.

Chestnut Roasting Pan. Deep-Sided Chestnut Roaster.

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This is a vintage, French, specialist chestnut roasting pan. This invaluable chestnut roaster is a pan with holes on the bottom. Its long (steep angled) handle and deep sides, keep you from getting burned by the flames.
Designed to perfectly roast chestnuts outdoors or indoors on an open fire in the hearth.
Great for displaying in a rustic farmhouse, country kitchen setting, it has a hole at the end of the handle to hang on the fireplace in the hearth.

Ideal for Autumn and Winter celebrations and parties, such as Bonfire night, All Hallows Eve, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Who doesn't love the smell of chestnuts roasting on an open fire, along with a glass of mulled wine!

The pan has genuine, authentic patina (some scratches and rust) which adds to the rustic charm of the piece. It is perfectly functional and has many, many happy hours of roasting still to come.

Designed with deep sides and an angled handle (28cms/ 11" long), so you don't get too close to the fire, it measures 28cms/11" diameter (the total length, including the handle is a 52cms/ 20½".) It is 6cms/ 2 ¼" deep and weighs 650gms/ 1.4 lbs.

If you would like to try roasting chestnuts here's how to do it:

Rinse chestnuts in a colander, and then transfer them to a towel and pat dry.
Use a sharp knife to cut an X on the flat-side of each chestnut (this allows steam to escape as the chestnut roasts so it doesn't explode).
Place chestnuts in the pan.
Place pan over the fire but not in the fire and cook, shaking the pan occasionally, until all sides of the nuts are roasted. Chestnuts will be fragrant, browned and starting to pop open where you scored them with a knife.
Carefully pull a chestnut out of the pan and pierce it with a knife. If it is tender, the nuts are done.
Transfer chestnuts to a towel and let sit until cool enough to handle. While the nuts are still warm, use your fingers to peel off the outer shell.

sing along now......."Chestnuts roasting on an open fire.........."

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