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Medical Dictionary. 1923 Larousse Médical Illustré

Medical Dictionary. 1923 Larousse Médical Illustré

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This is a very rare copy of the 1923 edition of Larousse Médical Illustré.
A thoughtful gift for any doctor or graduating medic.
This book is massive! It weighs almost 4kgs (9 lbs)!
It is mesmerizing in the detail and information packed into its pages. Once you pick it up it seems impossible to put it down again!

The photographs show a very small selection of the 1294 pages, containing 2462 gravures (engravings), 22 cartes (charts), 78 tableaux synoptiques (synoptic tables), 33 planches et 2 carte en couleurs (plate and colour chart), 26 en-têtes artistiques , 1 planche découpée (anatomie du corps humain).

This French language one-volume work was published in 1923 and is a complete A - Z of absolutely everything medical that was known at the time. It contains the most fabulous illustrations, charts and diagrams. It is a fascinating insight into medicinal and surgical practices from the 1920's and is wonderful for comparing how much treatments and practices have changed over the last 100 years. Anyone who is interested in medicine would adore this book.

Considering its 100 year age it is in excellent condition. It has "aged to perfection" with slightly "yellowed" pages and a few "age spots". Most importantly it has that "'old book smell" reminiscent of libraries and bookshops from a by-gone era - fabulously comforting.
There are no loose or torn pages. It is perfectly complete.

It has a gorgeous embossed hard cover and measures 27cms/10½" tall x 21cms/8¼" wide x 8cms/ 3¼" deep.

Éditions Larousse is a French publishing house specializing in reference works. It was founded in 1852 by Pierre Larousse.
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