About Us

Tiggy of Tiggy and Pip
Bonjour I'm Angie (aka. Tiggy!) Owner of Tiggy and Pip


Our Roots:
"Tiggy and Pip" was created back in 2011, from a desire to grow an ethical business, based on a model of non-exploitation, upcycling and sustainability. 
Having run an art and design studio for international students through the early 2000's, and after publishing several books on creative subjects, I was looking for a new direction.
Working in visual arts and interior design since the 1980s, and loving a good "rummage" at brocantes and flea markets (combined with the fact that I had  already filled our home to bursting with my "finds"; to the point that there was no shelf left empty!) I set up this boutique. Now I still get to go treasure hunting while our home stays relatively uncluttered! 


Tiggy and Pip is an ethical business, environmentally responsible, giving back to our community. 


For the first twelve years I have sourced items exclusively from flea markets and brocantes but now as demand is outstripping supply, I have diversified into sourcing some complimentary products from local artisan craftsmen and women in France and Europe. Everything in this boutique is made in Europe, no sweatshops, no forced labour, no exploitation. Fair pay and workers rights are top of our agenda.
For too many years the world has become obsessed with "new", "latest trends" and "quantity over quality." The culture of consumption, and it's unquenchable thirst for continuous expansion, the obsession capitalism has with endless growth, ever increasing profits and workforce exploitation over sustainability and Fairtrade practices is not for us.


Meet the team! 
Several small furry creatures, help with the day to day ambiance of our workplace environment! 
Petra, age 7, Supervisor. Ginger female (mum of Pansy - see below).  At her most productive in Winter, when consulting from her basket next to the wood burner! 
This shot was taken while Petra rested from a hard afternoon harvesting potatoes in our potager! 
Tiggy and Pip have a helper - Petra Cat
Pansy, age 5: Cardboard box tester and packaging expert (daughter of Petra.) Always available to help fill boxes and crates!
As you can see she was also helping with the harvesting!
Pansy Cat
Sellie: age unknown, Security guard. Arrived at the front door, bedraggled and with 5 kittens in tow! We found homes for all the kittens and decided to give Sellie a job!  Performs regular patrols for unexpected mouse, squirrel, hedgehog, bat or postman attacks!
Sellie Cat
My Son: Photos and Videos. Music and entertainment executive. Loves a fedora and can never have enough coats!
My Husband: Restorer, Repairer, Life Coach, Wine Expert, and Chef. Camera shy! Chicken keeper. Grows an almost year round sustainable supply of fruit and vegetables, 100% organic. Loves Ricard in Summer and Armagnac in Winter.


Why buy our Gift Boxes/ Gift Selections: The items in your gift box will have been carefully chosen and themed for their colour, texture, and content. A mix of antique, vintage, and contemporary objects.


We're Recycling/Upcycling: Any porcelain or ceramic items in the box are genuine French antique or vintage pieces. Full of old-world charm, rare and collectible. Responsible gifting, thoughtfully sourced, beautiful objects saved from destruction. All our plates and dinnerware have many years of service yet to offer.

Any flatware, utensils or tools will have been sourced from brocantes and have been genuinely used in the homes and kitchens of provincial France. They have charm, personality, and an authentic patina from by-gone times. Alluring and desirable, essential for authenticity, and style. 

100% Organic: All linen and cotton items are organic and sustainable sourced.

You can also recycle 100% of our packaging. 

It's not complicated:  We source and curate thoughtfully, so you can simply enjoy!


Where can you see our "finds"?
We source specialist props for films/photo shoots and interior designers. Working with film studios and prop departments globally.    
Our Antique Vine Pruners can be seen in the latest series of Amazon's "Picard"! 
Our tableware, dinnerware and flatware is used in a number of top New York restaurants and Hollywood apartments.
Among our recent catering clients from 2023/2024 are:


Check out these top designers who love our products: 


You can also see our "finds" in:


"Time present and time past are both perhaps present in time future and time future contained in time past" T.S. Eliot. 
If you would like to ask a question or for us to source something special for you please e-mail us at: info@tiggyandpip.com