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Stack of THIRTEEN 1860-1888 French Books.

Stack of THIRTEEN 1860-1888 French Books.

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A set of THIRTEEN books dated 1860-1888.
The oldest book in this stack is 162 years old, the newest 134 years old!
They are rare and collectible, hardcover editions, with wonderful, marbleized, covers. Each one is stunning in its own right and together they make an incredible impact.
The patina is outstanding, they are "aged to perfection" and will give you an instant "old library" effect.

The titles are:
"L'Assassinat, Une Nuit du Midi" Joseph Méry. 1887 edition. Joseph Méry (21 January 1797 – 17 June 1866) was a French writer, journalist, novelist, poet and playwright. This book was first written in 1832.

"Madame Elise" Edouard Cadol. 1882 edition. Édouard Cadol (11 February 1831 – 1 June 1898) was a 19th-century French playwright and novelist, he wrote this book in 1875.

"Les Sentiers Périlleux, Contes et Nouvelles" 1876 edition. Translated by X. Marmier this is a collection of short stories and tales around the theme "Perilous Paths."

"Ressemblance Garanties" Pierre Véron. 1878 edition. Pierre Véron (19 April 1831, Paris - 3 November 1900, Paris) was a French writer and journalist.

"L'Ange du Peuple, Soeur Marthe" Clémence Robert. 1874 edition. Antoinette Henriette Clémence Robert (6 December 1797 – 1 December 1872) was a French writer of historical fiction, poetry, non-fiction, stage plays, and short stories. From 1855 to 1870, she and Virginie Ancelot were the most popular novelists of the roman populaire genre. She published much of her work as Clémence Robert.

"Histoires Intimes" Paul de Molénes. 1860 edition. Dieudonné-Jean-Baptiste-Paul Gaschon de Molènes, (Reims 29 June 18212 - Limoges 11 March 1862) was a military officer and man of letters.

"Le Grain de Sable, Deuxième Série de la Bétise Humaine" Jules Noriac. 1885 edition. Jules Noriac, real name Claude, Antoine, Jules Cairon, (24 April 1827 – 1 October 1882), was a French journalist, playwright, writer and theatre director.

"Le Noeud Gordien" Charles de Bernard. 1885 edition.
"Le Peau du Lion et La Chasses Aux Amants" Charles de Bernard. 1888 edition.
Pierre-Marie-Charles de Bernard du Grail de la Villette (24 February 1804 – 6 March 1850), better known simply as Charles de Bernard, was a French writer. Bernard had published a volume of odes: 'Plus Deuil que Joie' (1838), which was not much noticed, but a series of stories in the same year gained him the reputation of a genial 'conteur'. They were collected under the title 'Le Noeud Gordien', and one of the tales, 'Une Aventure du Magistrat,' was adapted by Victorien Sardou for his comedy 'Pommes du voisin'.

"Les Mains Pleines de Roses, Pleines d'Or et Pleines de Sang" Arsène Houssaye. 1881 edition. Arsène Houssaye (28 March 1815 – 26 February 1896) was a French novelist, poet and man of letters. This book was written in 1874.

"La Bague d'Argent" Paul Perret. 1880 edition. Hippolyte Auguste Paul Perret, (Paimbœuf 12 February 1830 -Pornic 25 July 1904) was a journalist, novelist and theatre critic. This book was written in 1864.

"France et Marie" H. de Latouche. 1867 edition. Hyacinthe-Joseph Alexandre Thabaud de Latouche, commonly known as Henri de Latouche (2 February 1785 – 9 March 1851) was a French poet and novelist known for his publication of André Chénier and early encouragement of George Sand. This is his 1836 novel.

"Au Jour le Jour" Frédéric Soulié. 1879 edition. Frédéric Soulié (23 December 1800 – 23 September 1847) was a French popular novelist and playwright. He wrote over forty sensation novels.

These books have yellowed pages, with "age spots".
Most importantly they have that "old book smell" reminiscent of libraries and bookshops from a by-gone era - fabulously comforting.

If you choose to line them up (like a normal library shelf) then you need a space 18cms/ 7" high x 30cms/ 11¾" long and 12cms/ 4¾" deep.
They weigh 3.6kgs/ 8 lbs altogether.

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