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Six French Recipe Plates by GIEN France

Six French Recipe Plates by GIEN France

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A set of six dinner plates by Gien, France. Each plates has a French classic recipes, who hasn't heard of the famous recipe for Lobster Thermidor or Bouillabaisse? There is even a recipe for Frogs Legs!
What a great opportunity to impress your dinner guests - a great "talking point", and an excellent opportunity to try out these French classics dishes.

Each plate in the set is designed into a complete recipe and the images show the most beautiful hand painted details of the ingredients of each dish, illustrated with bold black outlines and intense colours all framed with deep green leaves. They are very rare and collectible. An ideal gift for chefs or for anyone who loves French cuisine.

They have quite a contemporary feel, even though they date from the 1970's, and are so beautifully illustrated in fresh colours with gorgeous detail.

They would look fabulous displayed on a farmhouse dresser in a country kitchen.

Each plate measures 24cms/9½" diameter.

The Designs are:
Homard Thermidor/ Lobster Thermidor.
"Le partager et le griller doucement. Retirer les chairs de la queue. Verser dans la carapace de la sauce crème à la moutarde. Replacer les chairs et napper de la mème sauce et passer vivement au four."
(Divide it and grill it gently. Remove the flesh from the tail. Pour the mustard cream sauce into the shell. Replace the flesh and coat with the same sauce and pass briskly in the oven.)

Cuisses de Grenouille/Frog legs.
"Parer les cuisse, les faire mariner une heure dans un jus de citron, sel, huile, poivre, ail et persil.
Tremper dans une pâte légère, jeter dans la friture bouillante Egouter et servir."
(Trim the thighs, marinate for one hour in lemon juice, salt, oil, pepper, garlic and parsley.
Coat in a light dough, deep fry, drain and serve.)

'Mettre dans une marmite rascasse, fielas, s'pierre, merlan, rouget, langoustine, ail, oignons, tomate, persil, laurier, safran, thym, sel et poivre. Recouvrir d'eau et faire cuire à grand feu pendant quinze minutes. Verser le bouilllon sur des tranches de pain rassis et dresser les poissons sur un autre plat."
(In a casserole pot add whiting, red mullet, scampi, garlic, onions, tomato, parsley, laurel, saffron, thyme, salt and pepper. Cover with water and cook for fifteen minutes. Pour the stock over slices of bread and place the fish on another dish.)

Turbot Sauce Hollandaise
"Mettre le turbot dans un court bouillon avec carottes, citron, persil, échalotes, sel, poivre, vin blanc, et faire cuire selon la grosseur. Servir avec une sauce hollandaise au beurre et aux jaunes d'oeufs."
(Put the turbot in a short broth with carrots, lemon, parsley, shallots, salt, pepper, white wine, and cook according to the size. Serve with a hollandaise sauce made with butter and egg yolks.)

Friture de Filets de Perche/ Fried Perch Fillets.
"Détacher les filets des perches, les passer dans la chapelure et les jeter dansune friture bouillante. Les servir bien égouttés et salés avec du beurre et du persil frit."
(Fillet the Perch, coat them in breadcrumbs and deep fry. Serve them well drained and salted with butter and fried parsley.)

Truite aux Amandes/ Trout in Almonds.
"La vider et la laver. La passer dans le farine et la faire cuire 12 minutes à la poële dans du beurre. La saler et la mettre dans le plat de service en ajoutant au beurre 50grs d'amandes grillées et effilées."
(Fillet and wash. Coat in flour and bake for 12 minutes in a frying pan in butter. Add salt and put it in the serving dish covered in 50grs of butter with roasted, flaked almonds.)

All these plates have GIEN Château logo and are marked ''Decor Garanti Inaltérable. Peint a la Main. Cuisson à 1150c."
They are all in really great condition, There are no chips. They have hairline crackling to the glazes, which is to be expected considering their age, but this in no way detracts from their beauty or functionality.

In excellent condition, there are no chips or cracks. They have the beginnings of ageing hairline crackle to the glazes, which is to be expected with the age of this set, and does not in any way detract from their beauty or functionality; in fact it adds to the charm and authenticity of these gorgeous plates.

Bonne appétit!

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