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Set of Four, Antique, Stoneware Mustard Pots with Waxed Cork Stoppers.

Set of Four, Antique, Stoneware Mustard Pots with Waxed Cork Stoppers.

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This set of four antique, French, stoneware mustard crocks look fabulous when displayed together or along with other stoneware items.
Classic ‘Jeanne d’Arc’ Nordic/French country style crockery for a simple, Scandinavian look.

They are handmade and therefore each one is slightly different to the other. They have a smooth, shiny glaze and their rustic, handmade quality gives them a wonderful, tactile, undulating surface texture. The patina of the 'cracked' wax stoppers adds to their authenticity and charm.

The waxed cork stoppers are 'vintage' and so slightly worn in places, making them sit low into the opening. The original embossed logos on the top of the corks are still readable with the word 'Moutarde' (Mustard) across the top. The wax has stuck to the ceramic of the jar lips in parts.

They have so many possible uses as storage for pens/pencils, flowers, spices, herbs or they can simply be displayed empty because they're irresistibly stylish in their understated form. Their antique white, oatmeal color makes them ideal for 'neutral' rooms.

They stand 12cms/4¾" tall (excluding the cork) and are 10cms/4" diameter. The openings are 6cms/ 2¼" diameter.
They are chunky weighing 600gms/ 1.3lbs each!
They are in excellent condition. There are no chips or cracks.

They would look fabulous with your other condiments at the table and add a real 'homemade' feel when serving pickles and chutneys with your lunches and picnics.

These jars will certainly add a bit of rural, French country living style to your farmhouse kitchen.......

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