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Set of 1950s / 1960s Kitchen Utensils.

Set of 1950s / 1960s Kitchen Utensils.

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A set of Vintage Kitchen Utensils. Perfect for Food Photography Props and Kitchen Wall Decor.
If you are starting out in Food Styling and Food Photography and need an instant collection of essential items then these are perfect for you.
Ideal for Rustic/Primitive Kitchen Displays.
You will receive exactly this set of item, "aged to perfection", with authentic tarnish and patina.
Unique kitchen decor for professional and aspiring stylists.
This is a "one-off" curated collection.

This set includes:
An original 1950s Tin MOULI-JULIENNE Vegetable Slicer/ Grater. Made in France. Comes complete with FIVE original cutting disc blades for different slicing/shredding/grating.
It is rare to find one of these fabulous utensils complete and working.
The two front feet pull out and clip, to stabilise the slicer when in use, and fold away for ease of storage when not in use. They have their original rubber feet still intact.
The discs are inserted into the slots on the underside. The handle lifts out to allow the insertion of the disks, and then connects to each cutting disc to rotate. The hinged arm lifts up to allow you to insert the vegetables and then apply pressure to push them through the rotating blades.
There are four different slicing/grating shapes as one of the discs has a duplicate.

A Genuine, Antique Potato Ricer, with "swing blade" action press and detachable drainer, from the 1920's. In full working order.

An original 1960s "Mouli Persil" tin, herb grinder. An amazing kitchen utensil, that will grind any herb. Simple to use, just put a handful of fresh herbs (parsley, coriander, basil, thyme, mint etc.) in the top, turn the handle, and the grinding teeth will chop them into fine minced herbs, ready for your salads or your fresh pasta. The funnel has a clip, that lifts the top, to allow you to remove the "spikes" for cleaning and then "clip" them back in again! In full working order.

A vintage cheese grater.

A large garlic garlic crusher, it has a cherry/olive stoner in the middle of the handle and nut cracking serrations at the neck.

A vintage ladle strainer with hook end.

A pewter "1/2 Liter" tankard.

A set of herb pruners, with "crescent" shaped blades and a spring loaded cutting action.

A pair of cake slice serving scissors, made from Zinc.

A fork and an ornate, antique dessert spoon, made from Nickel alloy.

Please take a good look at the photos as all these items have been deliberately left in their original condition, with their rust/tarnish marks. This "wear" is consistent with their age and genuine use in the kitchens of provincial France, so please do take a good look at the photos to view their condition. The "wear" simply make them more desirable and alluring. Essential for authenticity in styling.

Altogether this set weighs 2.4kgs/ 4.4 lbs.

........ Simply irresistible.......................

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