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Green Book Stack of Classic French Literature

Green Book Stack of Classic French Literature

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A stack of 12, early 1900s, French books in soft, faded green tones.
French classic literature by René Descartes, Pierre Corneille, Pierre de Ronsard, Blaise Pascal, Montaigne, Fénelon, Malherbe and Mme de Sévigné to give your bookshelves added French chic!
Instant bookshelf décor.
All paperback editions, scuffed and distressed. These books are genuine French antiquarian books, with authentic timeworn, fluffy pages. The covers have faded with time to subtle, dusky, soft greens and the pages are yellowed with age, with age spots.
Most importantly they have that 'old book smell' reminiscent of libraries and bookshops from a by-gone era - fabulously comforting.

DISCOURS DE LA METHODE, Des Principes de la Connaissance Humaine, Renè Descartes.
LES TRAGIQUES, Agrippa D'Aubigné.
OEUVRES, Malherbe.
POEMES, Pierre de Ronsard.
THEATRE, TOMES II, II, IV, Pierre Corneille.
LETTRES, Madame de Sévigné.
THEATRE, Marivaux.
LES ESSAIS, Montaigne.
LES PENSEES, Blaise Pascal.

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