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Fish Plate Set. Six Fish Plates

Fish Plate Set. Six Fish Plates

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A fish dinnerware set, consisting of six fish dinner plates in six different freshwater fish designs.
Vintage white plates, with a tactile, fluted, "lattice, fronds and flowers" raised patterned, wide, edge border and "gilt" line edges.

The six plates measure 24cms/9½" diameter. There are six different designs on the plates illustrating various European freshwater fish swimming amongst reeds and seashells, such as Roach, Trout, Perch and Salmon. The colours and details of the fish are incredibly accurate and realistic, in a subtle palette of greens and muted browns/ochres. The fish are accurately represented, dynamic in movement, with gorgeous detailing on the heads, fins and tails.
Elegantly understated and stylishly sophisticated.
They each weigh 400gms (14ozs)

All all in amazing condition, with no chips or cracks.
They have many, many years of service yet to offer.

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