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Chestnut Roaster. Sweet Chestnut Roasting Pan

Chestnut Roaster. Sweet Chestnut Roasting Pan

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This is a vintage, French, specialist chestnut roasting pan. This invaluable chestnut roasting tool is a sealed cylinder pan, with an opening door at the side, where you insert the chestnuts. The long handle keeps you from getting burned by the flames.
Designed to perfectly roast chestnuts outdoors or indoors on an open fire in the hearth.
Effortless to transport, it is super lightweight. It is easy to use. You simply pop the chestnuts into the pan, close the door with the latch, and place on the heat. Rotate the pan often to ensure the chestnuts are roasted evenly. Perfect chestnuts every time, and safe, without "spitting or projectile chestnuts."

The patina on this roaster is wonderful. The pan has genuine, authentic patina (some scratches and rust.) It does have a few of "dints" and "dents" in the cylinder, from years of roasting "popping" chestnuts, which adds to the rustic charm of the piece. It is perfectly functional and has many, many happy hours of roasting still to come.
Designed with a long handle, (33cms/ 13") so you don't get too close to the fire, it measures 23.5cms/ 9¼" diameter x 11cms/ 4¼" deep, and weighs 1 kg/ 2.2 lbs.
All original, the handle has been worn smooth with age.

Ideal for Autumn and Winter celebrations and parties, such as Bonfire night, All Hallows Eve, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
You could use it to roast coffee beans and hazelnuts.

Who doesn't love the smell of chestnuts roasting on an open fire, along with a glass of mulled wine!

sing along now......."Chestnuts roasting on an open fire.........."

*Please note we have included a video in the images to show you how the door latch mechanism works. We have several of these pans to sell, so the pan you receive will not be the one featured in the video, the photos show the actual pan you will receive.

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