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Beige Book Stack of Classic Greek Literature

Beige Book Stack of Classic Greek Literature

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This is a stunning set of five vintage French books in faded creamy beige tones. They are 'aged to perfection' and will give you an instant 'old library' effect.

They look lovely tied up with twine and displayed on a coffee table, sideboard, mantelpiece, bedside table or dresser. The covers have faded with time to subtle, dusky, soft shades and the pages are yellowed with age, with age spots. They make excellent film and photo props and would be ideal for a boho, or shabby chic, themed wedding as a table centerpiece decoration.

The five books are all paperback editions, distressed from years of genuine use. One or two of the books have some of their pages uncut/not separated - they have been like this since publication - and are all the more charming for it. They have also gathered pencilled scholarly notes, remarks, comments, on the pages, over the years. I've left them exactly as I found them because they're authentic. There are also a few separate student notes tucked inside the pages, somehow taking them out doesn't feel right, so I've left them, as part of the books history.
Most importantly they have that 'old book smell' reminiscent of libraries and bookshops from a by-gone era - fabulously comforting.

These books are all French academic texts of classical Greek writers, the works are reproduced in their original Greek format with French commentaries and translations.

The titles are:

Aristpohane, L'assemblée des Femmes - Ploutos, Tome V (1954 edition.) Aristophanes (c. 446 – c. 386 BC), was a comic playwright or comedy-writer of ancient Athens. This book contains two of Aristophanes famous works. 'Assemblywomen', a comedy written in 391 BC and 'Plutus' a comedy first produced in 408 BCE.

Thucydide, La Guerre du Péloponnèse, Livre I (1953 edition.) Thucydides (c.  460 – c.  400 BC) was an Athenian historian and general. His 'History of the Peloponnesian War' recounts the fifth-century BC war between Sparta and Athens until the year 411 BC.

Xénophon, Anabase (IV-VII), Tome II (1931 edition.) Xenophon of Athens (c. 430 – c. 354 BC) was an Athenian-born military leader, philosopher, and historian. 'Anabasis' is his most famous work. The seven books making up the Anabasis were composed circa 370 BC. and recounts the adventures of Xenophon and the ten thousand men in service of Cyrus the Younger, one of the great adventures in human history!

Bucoliques Grecs, Tome I, Théocrite (1946 edition.) A study of works by Theocritus (c. 300 BC - c. 260 BC) a Sicilian poet and the creator of Ancient Greek pastoral poetry.

Bucoliques Grecs, Tome II, Pseudo, Théocrite, Moschos, Bion (1927 edition.) More studies of famous works by Greek philosophers, such as Moschos and Bion.

To display them altogether, in a bundle, you will need a minimum space of 12.5 cms/ 5" high x 21cms/ 8¼" long x 14cms/ 5½" deep.
They weigh 1.8kgs/ 3.9lbs.

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