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Lime Green Stack of French School Books.

Lime Green Stack of French School Books.

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This is a stunning set of five antique French books in faded 'lime green' tones. They are 'aged to perfection' and will give you an instant 'old library' effect.

They look lovely tied up with twine and displayed on a coffee table, sideboard, mantelpiece, bedside table or dresser. The covers have faded with time to subtle, dusky, soft greens and the pages are yellowed with age, with age spots.

This 'lime green' book bundle is made up mostly of French school books, very collectible and increasingly hard to find. They are in genuine vintage condition, as you can see from the photos. They have been held and read by many, many people who have 'thumbed through' them, studied them, ear marked pages, loved, lost and cherished them and they have finally ended up here - looking for a new home and a new adventure. They have also gathered a few pencil marks and names inside the covers over the years. I've left them exactly as I found them because they're authentic.

Most importantly they have that 'old book smell' reminiscent of libraries and bookshops from a by-gone era - fabulously comforting.

The five books are all hardcover editions, distressed from years of genuine use and some of the pages are delicate and loose:

The titles are:

David Copperfield - CH. Dickens (1907 edition.) This book was study guide for French children, it is an abridged edition, with English text and an introduction in French.

Histoire Contemporaine, Depuis le Milleu du XIXe Siecle, Classes de Philosophie, Mathématiques et Sciences Experimentales - A. Malet et J. Isaac (1930 edition.) This book is a comprehensive guide to France's history, from the middle of the 19th century to the first world war. Published by the famous Parisian publisher 'Librarie Hachette'.

Mathématiques et Dessin Géométrique, Classe de fin d'études - M. Delfaud et A. Millet (1942 edition.) A book full of fabulous old diagrams and illustrations of angles, spheres, cones and mathematical equations. Algebra, fractions, volumes, weights, measures and trigonometry all feature in this book.

La Grammaire Nouvelle et Le Français, Classe de Sixième. - A. Souché et J. Lamaison (1953 edition). Studies of French grammar, vocabulary and verb conjugation.

Algèbre, Arithemétique et Géométrie, Classe de Troisième des Lycées et Colléges - C. Lebossé et C. Hémery (1947 edition.) This book is filled with fabulous old tables, graphs and calculations of square routes, fractions and the trigonometry of shapes and areas. If you love algebra then this book is for you!

If you wish to display the books in a bundle tied with twine (like the photos) then you would need a minimum space of 13cms/5" high x 20cms/ 7¾" long x 14.5cms/ 5¾" deep.

They weigh 1.8kgs/ 4lbs.

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