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Set of Six Rare 1889 - 1890 Volumes of Theatre Plays by Emile Augier.

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A set of six volumes of plays by Emile Augier dated 1889 - 1890.
Over 130 years old these books are very rare and collectible, they are hardcover editions with wonderful, marbleized, covers. Each one is stunning in its own right and together they make an incredible impact.
The patina is outstanding, they are "aged to perfection" and will give you an instant "old library" effect.

Guillaume Victor Émile Augier (17 September 1820 – 25 October 1889) was a French dramatist. He was the thirteenth member to occupy seat 1 of the Académie française on 31 March 1857.

These books are from the series "Théatre Complet de Emile Augier."
They contain the plays as follows:
Tome 1 (1890): La Ciguë, Un Homme de Bien, L'Avenurière, Gabrielle, Le joueur de Flûte, Sapho.
Tome 3 (1890): Le Gendre de M. Poirier, La Pierre de Touche, Ceinture Dorée, Le Mariage d'Olympe.
Tome 4 (1890): Les Lionnes Pauvres, Un Beau Mariage, Les Effrontés.
Tome 5 (1890): Le Fils de Giboyer, Le Post-Scriptum, L'Habit Vert, La Contagion.
Tome 6 (1889): Maitre Guérin, Lions et renards, Madam Caverlet.
Tome 7 (1890): Jean de Thommeray, Les Fourchambault, Le Prix Martin. This volume has some loose pages, but is complete. It has also suffered from damp damage, at some point, so it's page edges have watermarks and discolouration.

These books have become quite "stiff" over time, and have yellowed pages, with "age spots".
They are in genuine antique condition, they need to be handled with respect for their age and condition but they are perfectly readable.

Most importantly they have that "old book smell" reminiscent of libraries and bookshops from a by-gone era - fabulously comforting.

If you choose to line them up (like a normal library shelf) then you need a space 19cms/ 7½" high x 22cms/ 8½" long and 12cms/ 4¾" deep.
They weigh 3kgs/ 6.6 lbs altogether.

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