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Vintage French Wine Thermometer in a Box. 1970's Double Pipette Thermometers with Original Box.

Vintage French Wine Thermometer in a Box. 1970's Double Pipette Thermometers with Original Box.

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This is an absolutely stunning 1970's French Wine Thermometer, still in its original Wooden Storage Box and complete with the Original Instructions (typed on an 'old-fashioned' typewriter!)

It would make an excellent gift for any Wine Connoisseur. An ideal gift along with a worthy bottle of wine.

Wine is considered by the French to be one of life's great pleasures and accordingly the French take its consumption very seriously so this box represents a sommelier's (wine waiter's) "must have"!

The typed instructions read as follows:
Mode d'emploi (Directions for use) :
Introduire le thermo pipette dans la bouteille de vin, faire chambrer ou rafraîchir selon le crus suivant les indications du parchemin.
(Insert the thermo pipette into the wine bottle, air or cool according to the recommended temperature indicated on the parchment)

Pour goûter le vin: obturer à l'aide du doigt le haut de la pipette dans la bouteille, dégager la pipette de la bouteille en maintenant le doigt et la retirer au dessus de la timbale.
(To taste the wine: Place the pipette in the neck of the bottle, remove the pipette from the bottle by holding the finger and pull it off the top of the timpani.)

The box measures 32cms x 10cms x 10cms (12½" x 4" x 34" approx.) and has the words 'Thermomètre a Vin' (Wine Thermometer) printed onto the lid.

There are Two Aged Waxed Parchment Lists showing the correct serving temperatures for various French Wines:
Bordeaux 18°C
Bourgogne 15°-16°C
Beaujolais 10°C
Vins Blancs - Sec et Rosés 6°C à 12°C (Dry White Wine and Rose)
Demi Doux, Liquoreaux, Champagne Mousseaux 6°C- 8°C (Sweet Dessert Wines and Sparkling Wines)

Finished beautifully with the Latin Phrase: In Vino Veritas - meaning "in wine, truth", suggesting a person under the influence of alcohol is more likely to speak their hidden thoughts and desires.

You just need to supply the bottle opener and the wine!........................enjoy!.................

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