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Six Rare 1861-1864 Volumes of Classic Literature. Antiquarian Book Set.

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A set of six volumes of classic literature, in French, dated 1861 - 1864.
Over 150 years old these books are very rare and collectible, they are hardcover editions with wonderful, marbleized, covers. Each one is stunning in its own right and together they make an incredible impact.
The patina is outstanding, they are "aged to perfection" and will give you an instant "old library" effect.

The titles are:

"La Chrétienne de Nos Jours", Lettres Spirituelles L'Abbé Bautain. La jeune fille et la jeune femme. Première Partie. (1861 edition.) Louis Eugène Marie Bautain (17 February 1796 – 15 October 1867), was a French philosopher and theologian. "The Christian of today" records his thoughts, teachings and lectures. This book, part one, is subtitled "Young girls and women".

"La Chrétienne de Nos Jours", Lettres Spirituelles L'Abbé Bautain. L'age mur et la viellesse. Seconde Partie. (1861 edition.) This is part two "Adulthood and old age." The year of publication, 1861, is the year this book was first published.

"A Fond de Cale, Voyage d'Un Jeune Marin" Le Capitaine Mayne-Reid (1863 edition.) Thomas Mayne Reid (4 April 1818 – 22 October 1883) was an Irish-American novelist, who fought in the Mexican-American War (1846–1848). His many works on American life describe colonial policy in the American colonies, the horrors of slave labour and the lives of American Indians. "A Bilge bottom. Journey of a young sailor through darkness" is now a rare and sought after book.

"A la Mer!" Le Capitaine Mayne-Reid (1864 edition.) "Ran away to sea" is another rare and collectible book.

"Le Chasseur de Plantes" Le Capitaine Mayne-Reid (1861 edition.) "The Plant Hunters" was orginally published in 1858 at the height of the passion for exotic specimens, this is the story of a young Bavarian botanist, Karl Linden, engaged in a plant-hunting expedition to the stupendous mountains of the Himalayas in Tibet. It is an early narrative and primary source, with commentaries on the Himalayas, plant hunting, inspecting cliffs, the Ibex & other fauna, ascent of mountains, aerostatics, and of course the botany and value of the plants they are collecting.

"Histoires et Leçons de Choses, pour les enfants". Mme. Marie Pape-Carpentier (1832 edition.) A lovely book of stories and lessons for children.

If you choose to stand them up (like a normal library shelf) then you need a space 18cms/ 7" high x 17cms/ 6¾" long and 12cms/ 4¾" deep.
They weigh 2.5kgs/ 5.5 lbs altogether.

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