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Six Limoges Porcelain Plates. "Brochettes" Barbecue Skewer Recipe Plates.

Six Limoges Porcelain Plates. "Brochettes" Barbecue Skewer Recipe Plates.

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These beautiful Limoges porcelain plates carry three very French recipes for classic "Brochettes" (Barbecue Skewers) and would be ideal for anyone who loves cooking outdoors and wants to add a bit of "French chic" to their barbecue parties.
All these plates are in pristine, perfect condition and have the "M.P Samie Limoges, France. Porcelaine. Filet Fait Main" mark.

The set consists of six oblong serving plates measuring 29.5cms (11½") x 15cms (6"), with rounded corners.

There are three designs (two of each) and each image shows the completed skewers surrounded by the ingredients for the recipes. The designs are vibrant, very accurate and delicately illustrated.
Brochettes (Barbecue Skewers)

Agneau au Cresson (Lamb with Watercress)
This is a popular skewer with cubes of marinated lamb, mushrooms and tomatoes served with watercress.

Foie de Volailles (Poultry Livers)
Here is a recipe for you if you would like to try making them:
600 g de foies de volaille /600 g of poultry livers.
2 tranches de lard fumé de 1 cm d’épaisseur/ 2 slices of smoked bacon 1 cm thick.
1 cuil. à soupe de poudre de curry mild /1 dessert spoon of mild curry powder.
1 pot de 200 g de chutney de mangue/ 200g jar of mango chutney
sel/ salt.
Étapes/ Steps:
1. Préparez le barbecue. Nettoyez les foies de volaille. Mettez-les dans un saladier avec le curry et du sel, mélangez et réservez.
Prepare the barbecue. Clean the poultry livers. Put them in a bowl with curry and salt, mix and set aside.
2. Retirez la couenne du lard, coupez-le en lardons. Si vous utilisez des brochettes en bois, faites-les tremper 10 min à l’eau froide pour que la viande n’adhère pas au bois durant la cuisson.
Remove the bacon rind, cut it into chunks. If you are using wooden skewers, soak them for 10 min in cold water so that the meat does not stick to the wood during cooking.
3. Embrochez les foies en alternant avec les lardons. Faites cuire au barbecue 3 à 4 min de chaque côté, selon que vous aimez les foies rosés ou plus cuits. Servez chaud avec le chutney.
Skewer the livers alternating with the bacon. Cook on the barbecue 3 to 4 minutes on each side, depending on whether you like pinkish or more cooked livers. Serve hot with the chutney.

Boudins aux Pommes (Sausage with Apples)
This is another hugely popular French dish of Black Sausages, apples, garlic and onions.
Here is a recipe you could try:
800 g de boudin noir/ 800g black pudding.
3 pommes se tenant bien à la caisson/ 3 cooking apples
3 gros oignons/ 3 large onions
une crépine de porc/ pork fat
huile/ oil
Étapes/ Steps
1. Coupez le boudin en morceaux de 3 à 4 cm de longueur et entourez chaque morceau avec un peu de crépine de porc.
Cut the sausage into pieces 3-4 cm long and surround each piece with a bit of pork fat.
2. Épluchez les oignons et coupez-les en 4.
Peel the onions and cut them into 4.
3. Essuyez les pommes sans les peler, coupez-les en 6 morceaux, enlevez les pépins.
Wipe apples without peeling, cut into 6 pieces, remove seeds.
4. Enfilez sur chaque brochette : un morceau de pomme, un morceau de boudin, un quartier d’oignon, un morceau de boudin, un morceau de pomme, oignon, boudin, pomme.
Thread on each skewer: a piece of apple, a piece of sausage, an onion quarter, a piece of sausage, a piece of apple, onion etc.
5. Badigeonnez à l’huile et faites cuire sur le gril pendant 10 minutes.
Brush with oil and cook on the grill for 10 minutes.
6. Servez bien chaud, avec de la moutarde et du cidre.
Serve well hot, with mustard and cider.

Donc........Allumez le barbecue! Voilà!.........

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