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FOUR Antique Grape Vine Pruners

FOUR Antique Grape Vine Pruners

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This is a great collection of FOUR antique French grape vine pruning secateurs.
These would make a wonderful display on your farmhouse cottage or barn walls. They would also add a stylish accent to a vintage trug, displayed in the garden, and make a fabulous gift for any gardening or wine enthusiast with a love of France.
The cutting mechanisms are still in good working order, have been oiled, and they all have a gorgeous, authentic patina from "by-gone" times.

These are very collectible and increasingly rare and difficult to find in sets. Dating from the 1920's they are in remarkable condition for their near 100 year age.
Forged from carbon steel they consist of only metal parts and must have helped produce many seasons of wine here in our local vineyards of the Southwest of France.

All of them have "crescent" shaped blades and a spring loaded cutting action.
The largest pruners measure 24cms/ 9½" long, its "blades" are still perfectly aligned when closed fully. It has a "metal strips" spring action, moves beautifully, and is held together with metal wire at the bottom.
The second largest pruners measure 23.5cms/ 9" long, its "blades" are also still aligned. Its "coiled metal" spring works perfectly. It is held together with metal wire at the bottom.
The third largest pruners are 22cms/ 8½" long, there is a slight "nick" in the blade base. Its "points" are perfectly aligned when fully closed. It still has it's original metal clip at the bottom (which holds the handles closed when not in use.)
The smallest pruners measure 18cms/7½" long, it's spring is quite loose, giving it a slight "over-bite" at the tips. It is missing it's original strap and is held together, when closed, with metal wire at the bottom.
They would all need sharpening before use.
Altogether they weigh 1.4kg / 3 lbs.

A "Vintner" is a winemaker who organises "Le Vendange" (French word for Grape Harvest), here in France, in early fall. The exact timing depends on the region, the grape variety, the winemaker’s instincts and the sum of the year’s climate and it usually begins in mid-September and lasts for around three weeks.

................."In vino veritas"..................

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