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200+ Antique French Book Pages, Dating from 1792, 1813-1874, Tied with an Antique Iron Key.

200+ Antique French Book Pages, Dating from 1792, 1813-1874, Tied with an Antique Iron Key.

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A wonderful bundle of 200+ authentic antique French book pages and papers. Tied into a bundle with twine and finished with a genuine, large, antique iron key. Instant home décor, irresistibly stylish displayed simply as they are; perfect too, for paper ephemera collectors, as a supply for scrapbooking, journaling, artists, and paper crafters.

You will receive a mix (weighing approx. 1kg/2.2 lbs) of antique pages from at least 7 different 1800s books plus at least two journals from between 1897 - 1903.
There is one key measures 12cms/ 4¾" long.
The pages have been taken from:
An 1866 edition of the "Code Napoléon", measuring 22cms/ 8½" long x 14cms/ 5½" wide. These pages are 137 years old!
1825 & 1838 editions of Voltaire's "Correspondance", "Histoire de Charles XII", "Politique et Legislation", "Mélanges Historiques" and "Mélanges Littéraires", measuring 12.5cms/ 5" wide x 20cms/ 7 ¾" long. These pages are 185 - 197 years old!
An 1813 "Dictionnaire Latin-Français", measuring 22.5cms/ 8¾" long x 14.5cms/ 5¾" wide. They are 210 years old!
An 1851 edition of "Des Exercices Orthographiques", measuring 17cms/ 6¾" long x 10cms/4" wide. They are 172 years old!
An 1857 edition of "Théâtre Contemporain Illustré**", A4 size, measuring 21cms wide x 30cms long approx. (8¼" x 11¾".) These pages are 166 years old!
An 1874 edition of "Musée Universel", measuring 29cms/ 11½" long x 20cms/ 7 ¾" wide. They are 149 years old!
A 1792 edition of "Le Diable Boiteux" measuring 15.5cms/ 6" long x 8.5cms/ 3¼"wide. There are only a couple of these pages. They are 231 years old!
The journals are dated between 1897 - 1903 "Journal des Demoiselles" (Ladies Magazine), they contain stories, articles and sewing and embroidery patterns etc. Plenty of fabulous advertisements too. A4 size, measuring 21cms wide x 30cms long approx. (8¼" x 11¾".)
We've also added a little extra, a copy of "Mon Ouvrage", from the early 1900s, an embroidery journal with patterns and templates.

All these pages have aged naturally and this has created a beautiful range of shades from antique white through ivory and beige to sepia.
The patina on these pages is amazing. The paper feels old and "time worn".
These pages are "fluffy" with irregular edges, they are "aged to perfection" and are in genuine antique condition, as you can see from the photos, they have "age spots" and edge discoloration which adds to their charm and authenticity. They have rough edges along their spines.
Most of these sheets have text/print on both sides.

*It is important to note that no books have been deliberately destroyed to create this pack. All of the pages here have been salvaged from books too damaged to re-sell or repair. We are simply recycling as much of these gorgeous old books as possible.

**Photo is an accurate representation of the bundle you will receive but the pages/journals may vary slightly from those shown in our images. We couldn't photograph all the pages but we promise it's a great mixture of illustrations and text that will delight the eye and excite the mind.
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