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1800s Travel Guides/Map Books

1800s Travel Guides/Map Books

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This is a stunning set of five antique French books in faded "midnight/dark" blue tones. There are two very collectible travel guides in this stack, with a myriad of "pull out" detailed maps of the Vosges, Lorraine, Alsace and Bourgogne, Franche-Comté regions of France, alongside an 1860 Latin prayer book and a 197 year old book on French literature.

The five books are all hard cover editions, they are distressed from years of genuine use and some of the pages are delicate and loose.

The titles are:

Paroissien Romain, Les Offices de Tous les Dimanches et des Principales Fêtes de L'année. (1860 edition.) Sunday Services and Principle Christian celebrations in Latin and French. This beautiful little 160 year old book has a working clasp to keep it's lovely "gold edged" pages closed neatly. The spine has become partially detached over it's long life but it is still completely intact and usable.

Les Guides Bleus, Vosges, Champagne (Sud) Lorraine, Alsace (1928 edition.) This book has a "pocket" at the back to house a "pull out" map of "Les Vosges". Exquisite in its detail and packed with information on these French regions it has more than 40 expanding map pages, that extend in all directions. It is a comprehensive guide, with town plans, and full geographical information. Once you open it you will find it impossible to put down again!

Les Guides Bleus, Bourgogne, Franche-Comté, Jura, Lyonnaise (1931 edition.) Another mesmerizing book, crammed full of map and plans. It also has a "pocket" at the back, this time to house a huge road map of the region. It has many, many, "pop out" maps and the previous owners have left lots of little notes, tourist office brochures, publicity etc. tucked inside the pages, used as book-markers. This book has a real feeling of "travel" from the 1930's.

Cours de Littérature, Abrégé du Lycée, Tome II, J.F. La Harpe (1824 edition.) This 197 year old book is in amazing condition. It has selected works by many of France's most famous writers, such as La Rochefoucauld, Honoré de Balzac, Voltaire and Racine to name but a few!

Histoire de la Littérature Grecque, Max Egger (c. 1937 edition.) A history of Greek literature for French scholars.

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